ATTENTION: MEN who want MORE MUSCLE without getting fat. 
Read on to learn how to avoid extreme bulking and cutting cycles forever by utilizing Cyclical Training Cycles, Precision Hypertrophy Programming, Anabolic Interval Sessions, and the 3-Phase Metabolic Fueling System.


Brought To You By Muscle Building Expert, Fitness Author, Certified Trainer & Bodybuilder Frank Rich
"Massthetic Muscle is hands down the best program I've ever completed..." 
"Working with Frank is the single greatest benefit to the transformation that I have made..." - MJ
"Beyond grateful with how far I was able to take these gains with your help & guidance..." - Corey
And here’s the best part --- When you focus on a small “net gain” of only a few pounds of muscle a month, the end result is the appearance of a larger, more muscular, and defined physique (more on how that works later...)
But First:
4 reasons why you need to avoid “dirty bulks” at all costs & what it's doing to your body and hormones. 
#1. An increase in body fat lowers testosterone

Testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen inside of fat tissues, so the higher amount of body fat you carry, the higher rate of this conversion, (resulting in you becoming less of a man). 

In addition, we know the importance testosterone as the single greatest factor in muscle growth and fat loss, which is why so many bodybuilders take anabolic steroids. If your test levels are not at an optimal level, any time spent in the gym will be a waste because your body will not be in the right anabolic environment to build muscle and/or burn body fat.

#2. Decreased insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning

Building muscle is directly related to your level of insulin sensitivity. A body that is very insulin sensitive will drive nutrients into muscle cells, while one that is resistant will drive nutrients into fat cells. 

By not paying attention to the timing of your nutrients and the quality of the foods that you consume, you are negatively affecting your body’s insulin sensitivity and lowering your ability to gain muscle and lose body fat over time.

#3. Fat cell hyperplasia

Imagine every fat cell in your body as a little bag, as your body fat increases, those bags fill up, but they can only hold so much fat. As a defense mechanism, as those bags fill up, your body needs a place to store new fat, so it creates new fat cells. 

Here’s the problem, when you go to “lean out your body only has the ability to make the existing fat cells smaller by fat loss, it can remove fat cells. And with the addition of these new fat cells, your body is now becoming better at gaining fat and worse at losing it, making it harder for you to get lean in the future.

#4. Lower body fat levels contribute to a healthier immune system and less inflammation

The stronger your immune system is, the less likely you are at risk for minor infections and/or serious diseases. And the less inflammation your body has, the healthier the joints will be, allowing you to train with more weights and loads. 

When you are not at risk of infections, diseases, and injuries, this allows you to train at the intensity and effort levels needed to continue to make muscle gains and not plateu.

So if we know that “traditional bulking” is bad, then why is it still taught and practiced by so many coaches and trainers?
  • It’s Tradition - Dating all the back to the early 1960s and 1970s, bodybuilders used bulking and cutting seasons. The difference from back then though was that junk food was not as readily available as it is today. So while, they did eat a ton of food, the quality was much better than what guys use today to bulk up with when they follow the “see food” diet of consuming anything and everything. 
  • Used by competitors and enhanced athletes- Competitive bodybuilders train to look good and peak a few times a year. That’s why the bulk and cut approach can be useful for them. In addition, the use of substances to accelerate fat loss without muscle loss allow them to drastically lower calories without the negative side effects. Most men don’t need to worry about getting stage lean (3-5% bodyfat), getting to and maintaining a body fat around 8% is enough, and attainable when the right approach to training and nutrition is applied.
  • An excuse to be lazy and eat junk food - Very few men have the discipline to make the necessary lifestyle changes needed to build a lean, muscular, & aesthetic physique. They fall victim to the rationalization of bulking as an excuse to follow a poor diet as a means to increase the number on the scale by any measure. With just a little more self-discipline, they could become much more efficient and building muscle long term by slightly increasing calories but using better food choices.
So Is It True?
Are The Days Of Hardcore Bulks & Extreme Cuts Dead?
Is There A Faster And Simpler Approach To Adding The Muscle You Deserve While Revealing Better Abs Than When You Started In Under 90 Days? 
The Answer Is YES!!! And I’m going to teach you how...
If you are someone who…
  • Struggles to gain muscle mass without adding pounds of unwanted body fat 
  • Follows the traditional, old school mentality of “heavy weights” with compound movements  
  • Spends countless hours on a treadmill hoping to burn off your belly fat  
  • Is confused about what, when, and how much to eat with all the conflicting and complicated nutrition information  
  • Is still struggling to sculpt that perfect body you desire and deserve  
Make sure you read EVERY SINGLE WORD on this page where I reveal to you the exact system that I used to take…
 This Guy
And Turn Him Into      
 This Guy
  • Bogus Supplements or Drugs
  • Marathon Workouts or Living In The Gym
  • Excessive Muscle Burning Cardio Sessions 
  • Extreme Caloric Restriction & Food Deprivation 
But first you may be wondering… 
Who is Frank Rich and Why Should You Listen to Him?
Hi, my name is Frank Rich… and I haven’t always looked like this: 

For close to a decade I was much like you.

I followed the magazines written by the “experts”. I trusted the advice of my favorite pro  bodybuilders and fitness models.

When it came to diet and nutrition, I was committed to eating everything that was within an  arm’s reach during an “offseason” or “bulking season”. 

All the “pro bodybuilders” got fat in the off season and ended up shredded on stage so who was  I to question the approach? 

Their endorsement of the “see food diet” (See Food, Eat It) resulted in months of binge eating in  the name of “bulking up”.  The only problem? I literally gained 51 POUNDS, bulking up my gut and not my muscles.
So much for the dream of getting huge and jacked. Instead I ended up looking like a taller version of Danny Devito instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger….
In desperation, I took another extreme… in the opposite direction.

This followed by massive calorie restriction, avoiding many of the foods I enjoyed. To top it all  off, I would do hours and hours of cardio to reverse the damage. 

So after months of starving (and depriving) myself and literally working my ass off, the results would look very similar to the physique I had prior to starting the bulk. Maybe a few pounds of muscle gain, but nothing to call home about.

Imagine how YOU would feel after committing to a plan and working your ass of every single day for 6 to 8 months, only to be exactly in the same place you were when you started…
Feeling like you walked in a big circle… How the hell did you end up where you started?
But I didn’t know any better. So I would start the cycle all over again.
Back on the vicious and uncomfortable cycle of bulking for the sake of bulking…
Sound familiar?

What made matters worse. I had no idea I was…
  • Putting myself at risk for high blood pressure and/or heart disease
  • Altering my brain chemistry, leading to depression 
  • Increasing the stress hormone, cortisol, which only added to the weight gain  
  • Lowering my testosterone levels and increasing estrogen, making me LESS OF A MAN
And that’s the level that I had fallen to…

I was in my late 20s, training for over a decade at that point. I had been a fitness model and competitive bodybuilder and had reached low single digit body fat numbers on multiple occasions.
My transformations were backwards. My “before” picture looked better than my “after”...

I knew something had to change.
And I was going to be the one to change it!
You see, a lot of the muscle building and fitness information we are being sold is from guys who have “WON” the genetic lottery. You know who I’m talking about… 

The guys that can simply utter the word “workout” and make incredible muscle gains, while shedding away any body fat they may have.  

And who I am to knock them? Since the day they first stepped foot in a gym, they’ve had people seeking out their advice. They don’t know any better. It’s not their fault they picked their parents wisely and got great genetics.  

Let’s be honest, it’s human nature to seek out and aspire to be like those who have what we want. So when it comes to building our dream physiques, wouldn’t it make sense to follow the one’s who already have it? 

Tony Robbins said, “In order to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results” 

I love you Tony, but when it comes to muscle building and physique development, it's not that simple.
Let me explain:

If someone was born with elite genetics and the ability to gain muscle mass easily, although it may look like they have achieved the results we are looking for, technically they haven’t because they aren’t dealing with many of the same obstacles as the rest of us.

They’ve had it come to them the easy way... How are they going to show you, someone who works hard and has INTENSITY when it comes to your training, how to build the body of YOUR DREAMS?
Would you take financial advice from someone who inherited a fortune?
And I know you train with intensity.

Rep after rep, workout after workout, you’re giving it your all but still not achieving the body you desire and I want you to know it’s not your fault!

You see, intensity is not enough.

The real reason you don’t have a muscular physique that is aesthetically pleasing is because your INTENSITY in the gym lacks INTENTION and PRECISION.

Just like every stroke of a painter or every carve from a sculptor, every single rep that you perform needs to serve a purpose and be built upon the one from before...
So after being fed up and frustrated with the muscle building products and information that was being taught by so many… 

And struggling for close to a decade with my own body, going through the endless process of BULKING and CUTTING, only to end up with the exact same physique over and over again, maybe a few small added pounds of muscle… 
I decided to take things into my own hands! 

I set out on a mission to create the training system that would allow guys like you and me, those not blessed with above average genetics, to be able to train with a clear vision in mind to where we were going. By combining our intense work ethics with an integrated approach, we could finally build the bodies we deserved!  

It was not about building the most muscular freaky physique… And it wasn’t just about being lean and shredded with abs. 

The vision was to learn how to sculpt a physique that had the perfect combination of MUSCULAR STRENGTH, FUNCTION, and AESTHETICS!  
After investing years of my own time in research and real world application, spending thousands of dollars on courses, workshops, and certifications, and working with a handful of top industry coaches and mentors, I have something that I would proudly like to share with you.
The First & Only Cyclical Muscle Sculpting Program
MASSTHETIC MUSCLE: The Complete Guide to the  Art of Sculpting Lean Muscle Mass that is Aesthetically Pleasing.
MASSTHETIC MUSCLE was built and created using the training principles and  philosophies within the I3 TRAINING SYSTEM. The I3 TRAINING SYSTEM takes an INTENTIONAL, INTEGRATED, and INTENSE approach into our mindset 
and training. Everything included is structured and programmed using these 3 principles.
  • Starts with having a “WHY”. Why we training and what are is our end goal?
  • Each workout builds to the next one. Even within each workout, the exercise selection and structure needs to be programmed in a way that effectively accomplishes the specific goal for that day. 
  • Not a plan that just has you doing the latest fad or a series of exercises together because they all hit the same body part. Everything is thought out and scientifically programmed to be the most efficient for that day. 
  • Each program is written to effectively optimize the way your body builds muscle and loses fat at the same time.
  • Over 15 years of training experience and knowledge from working with/and under top coaches, experts, and mentors within the fitness industry 
  • Uses and applies various training methodologies and principles packaged together for the most effective training stimulus 
  • Focuses on a balanced physique of Muscular Strength, Function, and Aesthetics 
  • PRECISION HYPERTROPHY PRINCIPLES (PHP) for effective use of relationship between resistance and strength profiles
  • Designed to force you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • MAX OUTPUT SETS to elicit maximum hypertrophy and muscle fiber damage 
  • Proper integration of ANABOLIC INTERVAL SESSIONS to replace steady state cardio and create the greatest EPOC effect for total calorie burn 
  • Use of “interval” type sets (supersets, drop sets, tri-sets)
MASSTHETIC MUSCLE was created to put an end to the vicious cycle of bulking and cutting!
It was created for guys like YOU and ME! Those who are not concerned with a specific number on a scale, but more concerned with having a LEAN, RIPPED, MUSCULAR AESTHETIC PHYSIQUE year round!
Here’s The TRUTH:
Any man training for aesthetic purposes should never go above 10% body fat, which is not that lean, but it is lean enough where muscle definition, leanness, and vascularity are sufficient enough to make you look INCREDIBLE!
More reasons why you want to maintain a lean physique year round: 
  • The leaner you are, the better your body becomes at utilizes nutrients (also known as Nutrient Partitioning). Lean individuals more effectively store nutrients in their muscles, as either muscle tissue or glycogen, and less likely to store it as body fat. THE LEANER YOU ARE, THE MORE YOU CAN EAT WITHOUT GETTING FAT! 
  • Remember FAT CELL HYPERPLASIA? The fatter you allow yourself to get, the more fat cells you produce. THIS MAKES IT EASIER FOR YOU TO GAIN FAT AND HARDER TO LOSE FAT IN THE FUTURE!  
  • ​You are less likely to be at risk of minor infections and diseases due to a stronger and healthier immune system. In addition, the lower you can keep your body fat levels, the less inflammation your body will carry, keeping stress and pressure off those joints. Both these will result in YOU BEING ABLE TO TRAIN CONSISTENTLY FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. 
Because you will need time… 

Building a lean, muscular, aesthetic physique is not something that happens overnight…

Or even in the matter of a few short months…
You need to learn to LOVE THE PROCESS! 
It’s a 24-hour a day job that comes with 24-hour a day BENEFITS! 

We’ve already discussed that maintaining lower levels of body fat will result in you having a higher level of TESTOSTERONE (the male hormone)!

Well studies have shown that higher levels of testosterone result in higher levels of confidence.

And a confident man has…
  • Large amounts of energy
  • Lower body fat  
  • More muscle mass  
  • Increased motivation  
  • Better mental clarity and focus 
All of these resulting in you…
  • Being more attractive to the opposite sex
  • Having a higher sex drive 
So yes, it’s true…
So let me ask you a question… 

How would your life change and what would it mean to you if you could learn the exact system and methods needed to avoid ever having to worry about bulking again, yet, at the same time, build a lean, ripped, and aesthetic muscular physique that was oozing with energy and confidence?

One that when you walked into any room, inside and outside of the gym, all eyes were drawn to you!

You’ll never have to be worried or embarrassed to take your shirt off again because you’re trying to hide that “off-season” bulking fluff!

And even better, a MASSTHETIC PHYSIQUE, one with the big round shoulders, and a small waist, and sweeping quads, creates that perfect X-Frame that looks great whether you’re standing in a pair of boardshorts at the beach, in a nice fitted t-shirt and jeans, or even in a finely crafted and fitted 3-piece suit!
I know what you’re asking now…
How can YOU join the likes of men around the World… and learn to build your MASSTHETIC PHYSIQUE? 
Let me explain how the program works:
MASSTHETIC MUSCLE: The Complete Guide to the Art of Sculpting Lean Muscle Mass that is Aesthetically Pleasing
The first and only CYCLICAL MUSCLE SCULPTING program!
MASSTHETIC MUSCLE is a 12 week training block scientifically programmed into 3 detailed training cycles (INITIATION, GROWTH, TARGETED).

To ensure that each and every workout is of maximum efficiency and designed in a way to optimally achieve the goal within the given cycle, MASSTHETIC MUSCLE was programmed and written using the fundamentals within our proprietary PRECISION HYPERTROPHY PRINCIPLES (PHP).  

These principles take into account the relationship between strength profiles, resistance profiles, and active ranges of motion for all exercises and muscles.  

They integrate various approaches and applications of training (compound lifts, machines, cables, free weights, and multiple intensifying techniques) to create the perfect anabolic environment and stimulate the right amount of muscle fiber damage to maximize strength and muscle gains, all at the same time producing a hormonal effect that will ignite fat loss. 
This is not a program for someone who is looking for an easy solution to muscle building. 
It requires INTENSE work.

Building MASSTHETIC MUSCLE is going to push you farther than you have ever been. The physique you are searching for doesn’t come without effort. If you follow the plan and put in the work, I can guarantee you success.

Fair enough?

No matter if you’ve been training for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, or 20 years, the MASSTHETIC MUSCLE program is going to bring about results that you’ve never experienced before.
The INITIATION CYCLE is a neurological and neuromuscular training phase. The goal here is to master the execution of movements and exercise patterns and increase your ability at contracting muscles under a load. This is not the point within the program where we are looking at setting PRs and hitting max effort weights.
  • 3 weeks long
  • Follows a push/pull/legs protocol, allowing for each body part to be hit 5 times within the 3 weeks 
  • Focus is on priming the body for high volume training 
  • Rep range is moderate to high, not taking sets to complete failure 
  • This is the time to learn proper execution of all the movements and develop strong “mind muscle” connection 
  • ​Written and programmed using the PRECISION HYPERTROPHY PRINCIPLES (PHP)
The GROWTH CYCLE is our hypertrophy based training phase. These 5 weeks will be our greatest opportunity to pack on the most amount of NEW MUSCLE. Here we focus on extreme high volume workouts, and at the same time, increasing loads and weights week to week. A stronger muscle is not always a bigger muscle but, a muscle can not get bigger without getting stronger.
  • Integration of MAX OUTPUT SETS to elicit maximum hypertrophy and muscle growth.
  • 5 weeks long, following a 5 day a week training split, hitting each bodypart once a week, allowing for optimal recovery time in between training sessions 
  • Focus is on time under tension 
  • Intensity of length of sessions is designed to create a positive anabolic response within hormones, increasing growth hormone and IGF-1 
  • Written and programmed using the PRECISION HYPERTROPHY PRINCIPLES (PHP)
The TARGETED CYCLE is the metabolic training phase of the program. By this point, you have mastered execution and become very efficient at your movements, now is the time to create a high level of density output within your workouts (a large amount of work in a short period of time). You will really start to see your body composition change and transform during this cycle.
  • 4 week training phase
  • 5 day a week training split, training each body part twice a week 
  • Workouts consist primarily of supersets, tri-sets, and jumbo sets 
  • “Interval” type workouts create the maximum caloric burn while continuing with a hypertrophy focus for maximum muscle building 
  • Written and programmed using the PRECISION HYPERTROPHY PRINCIPLES (PHP)
These workouts are one of the key pillars in the MASSTHETIC MUSCLE program but building a truly great physique is going to require you mastering the other components of fitness. 

Anyone telling you that you can build and maintain a lean, muscular, and aesthetic physique naturally without doing ANY cardio is lying…

But how you program and perform that cardio is going to determine the extent at which you do it.

Our Anabolic Interval Sessions are programmed to maximize time and effort spent in the gym. These short and INTENSE interval style conditioning circuits are strategically and scientifically programmed with the goal of accomplishing 3 specific things: 
  • Increasing thermogenesis,
  • Increasing your body’s need for calories and ability to use calories 
  • Improving your hormone profiles.  
By utilizing MAX EFFORT interval training, you increase EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) and turn your body into a FAT-BURNING FURNACE 24-hours a day

So gone are the days of unwanted and unnecessary long drawn out steady state cardio sessions.

Depending on your specific goals, implement our Anabolic Interval Sessions 2-4 times a week to maximize fat loss.

Now, managing insulin resistance and making sure our body is primed to be able to perform during both these INTENSE workouts and the conditioning circuits, we need to make sure we are properly fueling ourselves.

Our proprietary 3-Phase Metabolic Fueling System is designed to keep your body performing optimally at all times. By making sure that you are fueling your machine (body) with the proper nutrientes pre/intra/post training, you are ensuring that you will be in the necessary state needed to perform our Max Output Sets without entering a catabolic state. And you will enter the needed recovery period as soon as possible to maximize muscle growth and fat loss.
What type of GAINS should you expect to make in the 12 weeks?
An experienced lifter (a year or more consistent training) should be aiming for 3-4 pounds of new muscle a month… Any more gain than that and you are adding some fat. 

But, it is possible to gain MORE weight without adding fat. When you increase your muscle size you will also increase glycogen and water storage in those muscle.
A trained individual can expect to store up to 40g of glycogen per 100g of muscle. 

Meaning, if you add 10lbs OF NEW MUSCLE in a 12 week timeframe (4.545g), you will increase glycogen storage by about 4lbs (1.8kg).
By following the exact protocol laid out for you in the MASS THETIC MUSCLE program, you should expect to look, appear, and be 14lbs bigger than you are right now! 
That’s if there is no change in your body fat… If you are in a position where you can actually drop some fat, the transformation will be significantly greater!
Imagine how would that change your life! 

Would 14lbs of lean aesthetic muscle added to your physique in the next 90 days make you a more confident man?
Could you make the commitment to yourself for the next 3 months to follow a proven system to learn all the necessary tools to become the best version of yourself? 
Let’s Get Started NOW!
What will be included in your purchase today? 
Component 1
Massthetic Foundation- The Death of Extreme Bulking & Cutting and The I3 Training Philosophy ($27 Value)
This guide is going to delve deep into the root of the problem and discuss why the “traditional”  ways of building muscle are not working and are causing more harm to our bodies than good. We are going to go into detail how the I3 Training Program takes an INTENTIONALINTEGRATED, and INTENSE approach to training and WHY this is the most effective system for building muscle and losing fat at the same time. This guide is setting the foundation for not only  what you will do for the next 12 weeks but instilling you with the mindset needed to make lasting gains for a lifetime.
Component 2
Massthetic Nutrition & Supplementation- The 3 Phase Metabolic Fueling System ($47 Value)
The best programmed routine in the world is going to get you nowhere without a properly  fueled tank. The 3-Phase Metabolic Fueling System is designed to have you ready to perform at peak levels when it’s necessary and begin the recovery process the minute you walk out the gym. By following the steps outlined in this manual, you are creating the necessary environment needed for massive muscle gains and fat burning at the same time. This simple process is going to have you performing like a high powered machine immediately!
Component 3
Massthetic Conditioning- Anabolic Intervals ($67 Value)
Gone are the days of “boring” and unproductive steady state cardio. An aspect of the I3 Training  Program is taking an INTEGRATED approach to our conditioning. This is done by incorporating the Anabolic Interval Sessions, which are short, “get to the point” workouts consisting of full body movements completed in a High Intensity setting. These workouts are designed to push  your body to its limits, but will have you leaving feeling accomplished and setting up a fat burning furnace inside for up to 36 hours after.
Component 4
Massthetic Training Cycles - Initiation/Growth/Targeted ($97 Value)
In this guide, we are going to go over everything you are going to need to build the ultimate  MASSTHETIC PHYSIQUE in the next 12 weeks. You will learn the necessary mindset needed to achieve success, going to learn how to successfully structure your weeks and workouts, what equipment will be needed to complete the program, and so much more. This manual is not only preparing you for success in the next 12 weeks, but helping instill many of the necessary tools needed for achieve success in the future.
Component 5
Massthetic Mechanics- Exercise Execution Guide ($197 Value)
HOW to properly perform an exercise or movement is just as important as WHAT exercise you  are doing. The Exercise Execution Guide includes over 80 different movements and variations, all needed for the MASSTHETIC MUSLCE program, and includes full color demonstration pictures and a complete description of how to properly perform each exercise, included with “mental cues” to make sure that the working muscle is actively engaged and being recruited with every movement.
Component 6
Massthetic Workouts ($297 Value)
12 weeks, 5 training sessions per week, 60 COMPLETE AND UNIQUE WORKOUTS ready for you  to make the most muscle gains you have in your life. These workouts are broken down into Phases (Initiation, Growth, Targeted), and follow a progressive approach. Everything needed is in complete detail for you, (sets, reps, MAX OUTPUT SETS, and intensifiers), all you have to do is print the sheets out of save them to your phone, and get ready to DOMINATE!
Bonus 1
ABSolution: The 28 Day Blueprint for a Shredded 6Pack ($47 Value)
Your abs are the “core” of your MASSTHETIC PHYSIQUE! What good is being big and huge, if you  don’t have a ripped up midsection? This 4 week manual is going to teach you exactly how to build eye popping abs that are desired by others, and have you ready to hit the beach or poolside in no time, or any reason to just take of the shirt and reveal that 6PACK!
Bonus 2
Colossal Calves ($47 Value)
Don’t be the guy who is too insecure to wear shorts to the gym! And quit using the excuse that  you can’t build calves because of your “genetics”. The Colossal Calves guide is going to show you WHY what you have been doing for Calves isn’t working, and teach you how to effectively set up a routine that is going to have people asking, “Are those calves or steers”?
If you were to purchase everything individually, you would pay $826... Not today, you can get the entire MASSTHETIC MUSCLE program for a ONE-TIME low cost of JUST $15
Your Time Is NOW! 

Are you ready to make the commitment and investment in yourself? 

Are you tired of wasting your time and hard earned dollars on routines and programs not built for guys like you and me?

Join me and a global group of passionate individuals who are following this advanced and detailed program that’s guiding us to achieve a well sculpted and beautiful physique!
Kevin Kiley Jr (Alex Riley WWE)

When I met Frank, I was coming to the end of my career with WWE and was experiencing an enormous amount of pain and discomfort in my shoulders and neck. Frank explained to me that even though I was strong, I had created major imbalances in my body. When he started training me with his basic technical principles I immediately noticed a difference. For the first time in my life I was focusing on posturing and strict kinesthetic movement with everything I did. Not only did I see immediate results when it came to better mobility and less pain, I got BIGGER, LEANER, & STRONGER in the process. The principles and philosophies Frank instilled in me I have now adopted as my weight training constitution. I have never been stronger, leaner, and most importantly pain free and happier. I am honored to call Frank Rich a friend and I have told him this personally, and am now happy to say publicly to the world…

Michael Johnson "MJ" - Wayne State School of Medicine

Working with Frank is the single greatest benefit to the transformation that I have made in my physique over the past year and was accomplished not by some cookie cutter, LA Fitness personal trainer diet and workout program, but by a meticulous attention to detail and a deeper understanding of bodybuilding, incorporating practical biochemistry and physiology into my plan, allowing for the most optimal progress to be acquired throughout the course of the program. The fact that Frank understands not everybody functions the same, allows for him to manipulate a variety of the multitude of factors that influence one's physique and make adjustments to best suit that particular individual.

Steeven Lerebours

As a former Marine I am no stranger to fitness and workout programs. Massthetic Muscle is hands down the best program I've ever completed. Why? Because Frank doesn't just tell you what to do, but also why you're doing it. And understanding the why behind anything one does is crucial to long-term success. Look no further, this is the real deal.

Join us today and don’t waste another minute doing  what you’ve always done!
Learn everything it takes to build muscle and lose fat  AT THE SAME TIME!!

I’m so confident that you will get the results that you deserve from this program. I’m also confident that this will be the last training program you will ever need because I am equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently structure a successful workout program. If you don’t begin to see and feel results after following this program for 60 days, I am willing to offer you a 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This is your life and your body… The decision that you make is completely up to you.
I’m offering you a proven system that includes everything you will need in order to TRANSFORM both your body and your life in the next 12 weeks!
What The Experts Are Saying
Frank's passion and commitment to excellence has allowed him to stand out in the crowded space of muscle building as one of the few experts that really gets in when it comes to intelligent muscle building. By continuing to learn from the leading experts, he has expanded on his areas of expertise, allowing him to create proven systems and programs that get his clients results. I am fully confident in recommended Frank's services to anyone seeking to learn the correct way to build muscle.

-Vince Del Monte
Author, Living Large
Frank is an expert when it comes to educated muscle building & transformation training. He has both the practical experience and in-depth knowledge that few coaches posses and is one of the few muscle building coaches I would feel comfortable recommending to others. If you are wanting to add muscle or improve your physique with science backed knowledge then Frank's programs are a no-brainer.

-Rudy Mawer, MS
Sports Scientist, Celebrity Trainer
Frank’s knowledge and practical application to strength training will provide any trainee (whether beginner or advanced) with enormous benefit. If you're looking for mass, size, strength, or aesthetics, Frank's advanced training and nutritional approaches will get you crazy results. Aside from his knowledge on the subject, Frank is living testament that these methods really work because he actually "walks the walk." I highly recommend these techniques to building aesthetic muscle; they're the real deal.

-Kevin Shields, MS
Exercise Physiologist & Researcher
Before meeting Frank, I had plateaued for several years no matter how hard I trained. I've been using these muscle building techniques for the past year to get into the best shape of my life at age 40. I have single digit body fat percentage, noticeably more muscle mass and no more joint pain. Don't waste your time doing programs that don't work. No matter what your current knowledge level is, follow Frank's advice and you will see results!

-Jimmy Barker
CEO Tampa Testosterone & Certified Nutrition Coach
What Do You Want To Do?

You decide… Pick one of these options

Option 1
Continue on the path that you’re on right now that has led you to being tired, fed up, and  frustrated; only to leave you hoping that one day the switch will go off and everything that you have been doing for the past months and years will all come together, resulting in the  body that you and others desire.
Let’s be honest with ourselves. Do we really think that’s going to happen?
Option 2
Two ways to hire me to work directly with you.
1. You can fly down to Tampa, FL and spend the next 12 weeks training with me at my  rate of $100 per session and have a total of 60 training sessions. That’s $6000 in just training! Add on top of that the cost of airfare, room and board, and the missed income that you will have from being away from work for 3 months. (If you have an extra $10,000 laying around that you can afford to spend, email me  directly and we will get this set up.) 

2. We can work on an individual one-on- one online training basis. You’re looking at an initial assessment fee of $199, then $249 a month. It’s been my past and current online clients who have given me the opportunity to test out the methods and training principles that I have put into the MASSTHETIC MUSCLE program. (But at just under $1000, this option would be much less expensive than coming to Tampa for 3 months.)
Option 3
You can make a small one-time investment in yourself today of just $15 and receive EVERYTHING you will need for the next 12 weeks. Valued at over $800
  • Massthetic Foundation- The Death of Extreme Bulking & Cutting and The I3 Training Philosophy ($27 value) 
  • Massthetic Nutrition & Supplementation- The 3 Phase Metabolic Fueling System ($47 value) 
  • Massthetic Conditioning- Anabolic Intervals ($67 value) 
  • Massthetic Training Cycles ($97 value) 
  • Massthetic Mechanics- Exercise Execution Guide ($197 value) 
  • Massthetic Workouts ($297 value) 
  • Bonus Gift- ABSolution: The 28 Day Blueprint for a Shredded 6Pack ($47 value) 
  • Bonus Gift- Colossal Calves ($47 value)
This is an absolute “no-brainer” decision

I’ve eliminated all the risk with my 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Give me your word NOW that you will not waste another minute in the gym without learning EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET THE BODY YOU DESERVE!!!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Who is Frank Rich?
I am a bestselling fitness author, ISSA certified trainer, competitive bodybuilder, fitness model,  entrepreneur, and coach who has spent more than half of my life in the gym. 

After going through a transformation from an unconfident and shy kid, I set out on a mission to unlock and uncover the absolute best training practices and principles for effectively building muscle and losing fat. 

In the past decade I have been fortunate enough to work under and learn from many of the top leading experts, coaches, and industry professionals and have taken my training methods on to transform the lives and bodies of top level athletes like WWE superstars and pro fitness competitors, as well as everyday people looking for the most optimal way to train in the gym.
Is this program for beginners?
Although I would never deter anyone from investing in themselves to improve not only their physique, but  their overall quality of life, I would recommend that you have at least a basic understanding of simple training concepts. 

These are advanced workouts and techniques, and although the Exercise Execution Guide does go over every single movement in the program, I wouldn’t want someone jumping into this level of program from day 1 in the gym. 

So based on your athletic background, I recommend 3-6 months of some form of training prior to getting started with MASSTHETIC MUSCLE.
Can I do this program at home?
Due to the wide variety of exercises and resistances used, unless you have a “fully equipped” home gym  (free weights, cables, machines, etc.), you are going to need to have access to a commercial gym. The MASSTHETIC MECHANICS Exercise Execution Guide goes over how to properly perform each and  every movement in the program.
Are the workouts in the program old, rehashed information I can find somewhere on the internet?
No way! :) These are not the same crappy workouts and idiotic techniques that you’ll find floating around  for free on the Internet, touted by genetic freaks and guys cranking steroids. 

These workouts are a result of years of research, testing and consulting with the world’s brightest coaches. They are condensed into an organized step-by- step plan with zero guesswork so that you can pick up the programs today and hit the ground running. 

In all honesty, if you spent years going to a university studying the same courses and certifications, hiring the same coaches and traveling around to consult with the world’s top experts, MAYBE you could discover all the exact same transformation methods…However,  is it safe to assume you don't have time for that? Fortunately, I’ve done it all for you!
Is this only for men or can women complete this program?
Absolutely. In fact, my approach is one of the smartest ways for a woman to gain lean sexy muscle,  shape her body and develop a smoking-hot bikini body. Admittedly, these are not your typical female “fat loss circuits” where you turn the weight training workout into cardio and move non-stop without any rest.

On top of that, these workouts will require you to EAT and eat A LOT in order to recover and have energy to push yourself. If you’re a serious muscle enthusiast who wants a better-than- average body that looks smoking hot in a bikini, you’re going to ABSOLUTELY love what I’ve got for you.
Is there an age minimum/or limit for this program?
As far as too young? I wouldn’t recommend anyone under the age of 18 take part in such an intense  training program, as long as they are mentally able to approach learning new training techniques and concepts. 

Other than that, age is just a number. I know guys in their 50s and 60s who are in better shape than most people in their 20s. So as long as you can maximize efficiency in the gym, then take ample time to recover, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!
How long will it take for everything to arrive?
Everything is digital, no physical products will be shipped to you. So it will only take a few minutes for  everything to arrive, depending on the speed of your internet service provider. 

No shipping fees, no delays, no waiting to get started.
Why is it only $15?
Our goal was to get this in as many hands as possible. We could have offered this for free to accomplish  that, but by putting a small price tag on the product, we eliminate “time wasters” and make it well within reach for all the “action takes” (like yourself). Research has shown, that by having you put a little skin in the game, you are more likely to stay committed to the program, which is going to lead to you getting the results you deserve. 

We are currently running a few split marketing tests with different price points, $47 and $97, to see if there is a difference in how well the participants respond, so if you are seeing it at $15, ACT FAST, because that price could disappear at any moment.
What if the program doesn’t work for me?
Granted, as long as you follow the step-by- step instructions included throughout this guide, I would be  shocked if that were the case… but if it is, its very simple, we’ll give you your money back. 

Listen, if you’re teachable, train like a badass, have a “no excuses” mentality, and desire a body better than average, then you’re the kind of person that will get outstanding results with my programs and I’m confident we’ll be featuring your success story on this page before you know it. 

If for some reason this program doesn't bring the best out of you and you’re not absolutely floored by the workouts and techniques it delivers, just contact me and we’ll refund every penny. Fair enough? So now you have ZERO risk and I carry the burden by standing behind my promise. I’ve provided the road map. Now it’s up to you to take action.
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